Saturday, April 5, 2014


"Spirits of Light" -leather mask by Meghan Carich
    Artist's Statement: 

    Mask making is one of my  

    I have found myself inspired
    by the deeply sensitive,   
    psychological areas in one's 
    life. The life lessons we all face
    at one time or another, including 
    the need to overcome and the 
    drive to make ideas and dreams
    real, greatly influence my art. 

               - Meghan Carich                     

"Empower" - leather mask by Meghan Carich

You'll find a sampling of my
personal creations here on 
this site, as well as a wide 
selection of works created by
the many students I have had
the honor of facilitating on their
own creative journeys in the
classroom. Inquiries welcome!

"Dreams that Create" - by Meghan Carich

"Unity" - mask by Meghan Carich